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Russia builds the first 5G mobile network city

Not long ago, Russia’s largest telecom operator MTS, using China’s Huawei 5G mobile network technology, launched a 5G mobile communication network in Kronstadt, St. Petersburg, Russia, which is the first 5G mobile network built in Russia. city. During the same period, the Moscow City Government and MTS used Huawei’s 5G …

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China’s science and technology research and development

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, July 5th Interview: We are closely cooperating with China’s science and technology research and development – Interview with Kladorf, Director of International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department of Russian Technology Group Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Hai “For many years, the Russian technology group and the …

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How does the CCP control American Chinese media?

The well-known American think tank, the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, California, published a 213-page heavyweight report on November 29th – “China’s influence “Chinese Influence & American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance”, warning the CCP to fully infiltrate and manipulate the US government, universities, media, think tanks, enterprises and overseas Chinese. …

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Today’s Attention

The White House said that Trump still plans to sign the agreement on time. Beijing: The consultation work is progressing smoothly. Mnuchin: I will not go to Beijing. The telephone consultation between China and the United States has been fruitful. Demonstrators apply for Saturday Victoria Park rally Hong Kong Police …

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The CCP’s stealing technology must pay the price

NTDTV Beijing time on October 30, 2019] On Tuesday (October 29), US Defense Department officials said in a Washington study that the CCP has been using the open academic research environment of the United States to steal intellectual property and technical intelligence. The United States has to strengthen its review …

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If there is a lack of American technology industry

China’s wafer development is a dead end The US government issued a ban on Huawei. The trade dispute between the two countries has gone from tariff war to science and technology war. However, according to Japanese media reports, in the absence of US technical assistance, the seemingly booming Chinese chip …

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